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Don’t Januworry, be happy: your 2018 survival guide

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed and indulged (a little too much judging from my scale) this December. Unfortunately, if you haven’t planned for these expenses properly, January may seem like it’ll never end! Now is the perfect time to...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: what’s the deal?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the shopping madness that reached our shores a couple of years ago from the land of Trump … but are Black Friday and Cyber Monday worth your time? It’s definitely a great way to tick things off your holiday shopping list –...

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Are you wearing a financial costume?

As I’ve been cruising around town lately (as pigs do), I’ve noticed something strange … there are so many luxury cars on the road and I can’t help but wonder how on earth people are affording them. Cars like that definitely don’t fit into my carefully...

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7 tips for spring cleaning your budget

Spring has sprung and it may be time to freshen up your finances. Maybe you haven’t updated your budget in a while or maybe you don’t even have a budget at all – either way, you’ll blossom into a budget pro with these seven tips for spring cleaning your budget! 1.   ...

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Your credit score: info you can’t afford to miss

We have received quite a few (read: a lot of!) questions when it comes to credit scores and affordability. What’s my credit score? How can I check it? And if my credit score is great, why has my loan been rejected? Well, let’s break it down, shall we? What’s a credit...

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